Revised syllabus (2020-21) will be updated soon.


Class 10 : Social Science Syllabus (2020-21) For CBSE Board Exam | (CODE NO. 087) 

Social Science is a compulsory subject up to secondary stage of school education. It is an integral component of general education because it helps the learners to understand the environment in its totality and developing a broader perspective and an empirical, reasonable and humane outlook. This is of crucial importance because it helps them grow into well-informed and responsible citizens with necessary attributes and skills for being able to participate and contribute effectively in the process of development and nation building. 
The Social Science curriculum draws its content mainly from History, Geography, Political Science and Economics. Some elements of Sociology and Commerce are also included. Together they provide a comprehensive view of society over space and time, and in relation to each other. Each subject’s distinct methods of enquiry help the learners to understand society from different angles and form a holistic view.

                                                     Internal Assessment:                             20 Marks 

Unit 1: India and the Contemporary World – II

Unit 2: Contemporary India – II

Unit 3: Democratic Politics – II

Unit 4: Understanding Economic Development


1. India and the Contemporary World-II (History) - Published by NCERT 
2. Contemporary India II (Geography) - Published by NCERT 
3. Democratic Politics II (Political Science) - Published by NCERT 
4. Understanding Economic Development - Published by NCERT 
5. Together Towards a Safer India - Part III, a textbook on Disaster Management - Published by CBSE
6. Learning Outcomes at the Secondary Stage – Published by NCERT 

Note: Please procure latest reprinted edition (2020) of prescribed NCERT textbooks.