Board Examination 2018 Admit Cards:Important information given in your Admit Card of CBSE Class 10th/12th

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    1) Photograph: Your admit card will have your photo attested into it. As per instruction from CBSE Board, admit cards without a photograph is inadmissible and students will not be allowed to enter the examination hall.

    2) Personal Information: The CBSE Admit card has your personal details such as mother's name, father's name, school's name and category (if applicable). Students are advised to check all these information to ensure it's correct.

    3) Roll Number: Roll number is the most important thing to check in your admit card. Carefully check your Roll Number mentioned in the Admit Card and in case of any mistake, it should be immediately brought to notice of the board.

    4) Date of Birth: Date of birth mentioned in the Class 10 documents is very important as it going to be replicated not only in the official documents of CBSE but also to other government documents.

    5) Center Number: Exam Centre number will help you to locate your examination centre. You can also refer to the Examination locator app launched by the CBSE Board. 

    6) Exam Dates: The admit card also has date sheet of the subjects. Check that all the paper codes, dates and subjects.

    7) Exam Time: The start and end time of the examination is printed on the admit card. Students are advised to check the duration of each exam so that they can manage their time accordingly.

    8) Your Signature: The signature of student are must on a admit card. All the rugular and private candidates are required to sign their admit card.

    9) Principal's Signature and stamp: The students carrying admit card without the stamp and the signature of the Principal will not be allowed inside the examination hall. So make sure your admit card has this.

    10) Instructions: Apart from the above information, the students are also required to read all the instructions given on the Admit Card.

    Above mentioned are some of the important points/instructions that students will have to keep in mind. Keeping these points in mind will save a lot of time and effort of appearing candidates.

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